Dambulla, Sri Lanka
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About Us

Why choose Sun Rise Ballooning ?
Sun Rise Ballooning is a family business for over ten years with zero incident or accident. Safety First is the key and our primary concern. Being the PREMIER hot air balloon flight company in Sri Lanka our approvals from the relevant government bodies are authentic which backs up our passenger liability insurance. Abiding by the aviation laws and regulations set by the relevant ministries is our responsibility.

All Pilots are fluent in English as this is a must and essential for passenger briefing prior to take off, landing or any emergency apart from chatting with passengers about the flying area.

Our Pilots who are UK Licence holders have been issued Foreign Licence Validation Certificates (FLVCs) from SL-CAA upon meeting the following requirements and exams : English Proficiency, Air Law, NIB-Police Clearance, medicals and Verification of their licence from the country of issue.

Our Pilots and crew are trained in Fire Fighting and 1st Aid and updated as required.

Catering for small or large groups with the country’s most experienced balloon team since the inception of commercial ballooning in Sri Lanka in 2003.

Being a local business we support the community and are mindful of our responsibilities to the areas we fly in.

Our Balloons :
All our balloons are registered aircrafts with the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAA-SL). Our balloons undergo regular maintenance and safety audits ensuring our passengers safety and comfort with yearly inspection for airworthiness by the CAA-SL.

Pilots :
We handpick European Pilots who have a wealth of knowledge flying in different terrains in many countries and with a strong emphasis on Safety.

Geared in keeping up-to date, all paperwork needed for the operation namely documentations with the CAA for balloons, Pilots, crew etc.

PR & Marketing :
Handpicked to meet and greet passengers and agents in promoting safe balloon flights to the public.

Ground Crew:
Ground crew assist the pilots and passengers ensuring a safe flight and making it an unforgettable experience !

"Giving and Receiving from the community “
We employ locals and we strongly support local businesses and community in every area we fly. The crew is trained in Fire & First Aid once in three years so that it helps them to use it whenever needed even in the community whilst not on duty.
At every landing we hand out stationery to kids and at times adults collect them for their kids in school. Whenever the necessity arises we help the local schools.

Flight Flexibility :
We refund a 100% if a flight is cancelled due to weather. If you are around the area the next day you will be scheduled for this flight. Also if you have booked on a specific date and cannot make it due to an unavoidable circumstance we can change the date on availability.

Our Insurers:
All passengers and crew are covered by a Personal Accident Cover under Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation.

The Directors :
Justin Patrick Moore – Chief Pilot and Director
Over 40 years of experience, coming from a family of balloonists and flying hot air balloons in many countries around the world from the North Pole to Australia with over 5432 flying hours. Justin has been flying in Sri Lanka since 2006 in the North Central, Southern Region and the 1st flight in the Colombo District. With the love for Sri Lanka and making it his 2nd home and passion for ballooning, he will continue to fly till retirement.

Justin was the Chief Pilot and Director of European Balloon Display Co Ltd in the UK.

Mareena Pallie – Director Operations 
As the most senior ballooning person in the country, Mareena has been a part of the Sri Lankan commercial ballooning industry since it began in the year 2003. While having more than a decade of experience and knowledge she handles the company’s ground operations and is the driving force behind the company’s success.

Mareena is mainly focused on the safety of her passengers as well and providing them with an experience of a life time.